Glass Vials by Pacific Vial

Glass Vials by Pacific Vial

Pacific Vial is a leading manufacturer of high-quality glass vials, including custom glass vials, that are unmatched in quality and service.  Our extensive range of glass vial options, including but not limited to Screw Thread Vials, Serum Vials, EPA Vials, Scintillation Vials, Capsule Vials, Display Vials, Patent Lip Vials, and Perfume Samplers make them perfect for a wide range of industries. While glass vials are more expensive to produce than plastic, their superior quality provides exceptional integrity for proper storage and safety.


Due to their unmatched reliability, Pacific Vial glass vials have found applications in many industries, particularly in the medical industry. With varying medications and blood and tissue samples, glass vials offer proper storage, safety, and integrity. Scientific research benefits from the flexibility of glass vials, which minimize waste and ensure sample integrity when properly sterilized between applications.


Pacific Vial has set the industry standard for glass vials with their high-quality, reliability and customized options.  Headquartered near Los Angeles in Commerce, California, we prioritize quality, reliability, and integrity in our processes and products, offering outstanding customer service to all our customers. Trust Pacific Vial for your glass vial needs and experience the highest quality glass vials in the market today.

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