About us
Pacific Vial Manufacturing, Inc., regarded as the leading manufacturer of glass vials worldwide, is unwavering in its dedication to maintaining a lofty reputation by providing the best and most reliable glass vial products. Our exceptional assortment ranges from glass vials used for science equipment and medicine safekeeping to the safe storage, attractive display and airtight shipping of perfumes and essential oils. Whenever professionals purchase glass vials from Pacific Vial, they know they are choosing the best in the business.
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Our Mission

Pacific Vial Manufacturing Inc. is committed to providing high quality glass vial products and value-added customer service as we manufacture our products in accordance to industry standards and customer specifications.

  • Service

    Pacific Vial's customers around the world have grown to trust and rely on our impeccable and dependable service. We strive everyday to improve our service and deliver high quality glass vial products, efficiently, timely and economically, without compromising customer service.

  • Quality Control

    To maintain our high-quality expectations, Pacific Vial has equipped its manufacturing facility with high-tech cameras and length-gauge systems. These systems are uniquely designed to monitor every stage of the glass vial manufacturing process.

  • Process

    High-quality glass tubing is placed into glass vial forming machines. Once formed by these state-of-the-art machines, the glass vials are robotically transferred to afterformers.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

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Quality Control

The production process centers around advanced machinery, with a key focus on automation in the glass forming machines to ensure the creation of high-quality glass vials. These machines guide the glass tubing through a series of precision steps, culminating in the production of vials that meet pharmaceutical quality standards. The vials are subjected to a comprehensive quality control system, which utilizes state-of-the-art automation and inspection equipment to guarantee their impeccable quality.

scientist with clear plastic gloves holding clear EPA scintillations glass vials with blue liquid

Medical Industry

For the medical industry, vials are used to store blood and tissue samples and to store medicine for injections. It is fair to say, without the use of vials the medical industry would not be able to function to its full potential. It would be impossible to preserve delicate samples due to integrity loss if not safely stored.

Custom Services

  • Custom specifications and requirements
  • Screen printing and labeling

Multiple Industry Uses

The flexibility, of a glass vial, is particularly important in scientific research. By using a glass vial, scientists can minimize waste and ensure sample integrity. Waste is reduced due to the ability of a glass vial to be used multiple times if properly sterilized between applications.