Uses Across a Range of Industries

Uses Across a Range of Industries

Custom-made glass vials by Pacific Vial are utilized across a wide range of industries due to their versatility and reliability. The pharmaceutical industry uses custom glass vials for the storage and transport of drugs, vaccines, and biological products, requiring protection from contamination and degradation. Glass vials are also widely used in the biotech and scientific research industries for the storage of biological samples, such as blood, tissues, and DNA, and chemicals and reagents.


Scintillation vials and EPA vials are essential in the nuclear medicine and environmental testing industries, respectively. Scintillation vials measure and analyze radioactivity in samples, while EPA vials are used to collect and store environmental samples for testing hazardous substances in water, soil, and air. These industries require precise and reliable storage and testing, making glass vials the preferred choice due to their high level of integrity.


The cosmetic industry also relies on custom-made glass vials for the storage of fragrances, essential oils, and other beauty products. Glass vials are the preferred choice in the cosmetics industry due to their ability to preserve the quality, purity, and fragrance of the product over time. The food and beverage industry also benefits from custom glass vials for the storage of flavors, fragrances, and other ingredients, ensuring the integrity of the product.


With Pacific Vial's commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity, these industries can trust their custom-made glass vials for safe and reliable storage solutions that meet their specific needs.

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